Friday, April 15, 2005


It's been a couple of days since i last posted an entry. I wonder, have i been missed? Well, Jackie has redesigned the header of my blog. Isn't it lovely? Lovely, lovely...She's also redesigned $&!'s header, do check it for more proof of her amazing talent. If you need help on your layouts/templates i'm sure she wouldn't mind, she told me likes to help people. She's a sweetheart...yes a sweetheart.

Blogging comforts me. For instance, before blogging i did not use the computer much unless it was for doing some of her projects or homeworks. Most of the time i read. And i think i'm lucky because the time i get out, everbody at home is asleep, which means i am in complete solitude and the silence is a blessing-sometimes, it makes reading a pleasure, pleasure, yes;pleasure. At the moment I am reading Out of the Dark, it's an interesting book and i had to order it through the internet since i couldn't find it here in Kuwait.

To the bloggers who comment on my blog, would you like me to comment back? I'm not sure what to do about that, please leave me your feedback regarding this issue.

"They don't care if you comment back or not, it's not like anybody excpet that girl has commented on your last entry. See nobody cares, NO BODY CARES!!"

She just said that, i bet she's jealous. O how i loathe her. She was out shopping today with some of her friends and she bought new pyjamas. I must say i kind of like them, it's dark purple with light purple rabbit sillhouettes on them, there's something about them i like, maybe it's the rabbits.

"MPD is caused by severe trauma", i read that in an article last year. Is that how she was created? Is that how I was created? Just the thought of me being the personality "created" is disturbing. I won't think of it for the time being.

On a lighter note, i will be travelling next week to Spain, i hope things go according to plan. The plan is to go to Spain for two weeks and "relax" of course to her this means shopping. Fotunatley for me, when we go to Spain i take over most of the time, hence it is a mostly a relaxing and comofrting trip. I met a boy last year, i feel tingly inside when i think about him. This will be my/our fourth visit to Spain, i've been hooked since the first trip a couple of years ago. I can't wait to see him again this year, alas, something good to look forward to. A couple of days, just a couple of more days...

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