Friday, May 27, 2005

I Broke My Promise...

How pathetic could I get? I don't like breaking promises and I only find people that do pathetic. Therefore, I am pathetic. I'm sorry I broke my promise, i never meant to.

She's been giving me a hard time; i haven't had much time to do anything for myself because she's being an arrogant bitch, only thinking about herself. SHe did the worse thing the other day, she locked up all my books in an empty cupboard (in our room), and threw the key in the garbage, by the time i had come to, the garbage had already been thrown out and taken away. So now i can't get to my books, i can't get to them! I feel so bad, it's like, i had just started to become powerful, she sensed it and decided to screw everything up for me. She fears me and I loathe her, just when i had started to...nevermind, nevermind. She'll never change, she'll always be the arrogant bitch, always, always, yes; always.

I remember the day i found out she had thrown out all of my art work. I felt devestated, it hurt so much because I had put in a lot of work, and she had put in a lot of criticism.

"They were cramping up my closet, they looked ugly anways, maybe you can paint some more another time,. perhaps with more colour?"

And that was just the tip of the iceberg, she's done far worse things to me, how i loathe her. I don't know why she does things like that to me, although i don't do that to her, I'm better than her and I know it, I guess that's why she's doing these horrible things to me; because she's jealous.

I spoke to Pierre a couple of hours ago, he sounded very excited to hear my voice, i'm not sure why, since we had spoke the day before. Strange. I miss him, i really do, but then when i do, a wave of guilt hits me because I remember "the boy" in Spain. I've known him much longer, but thre's something about Pierre that...that makes me forget about her about everything that makes me feel bad, he makes me feel normal, he makes me feel loved. He makes me feel...happy. I like feeling that way, happiness is a beautiful, simple yet very overwhelming emotion.


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