Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It's Been a While...

It certainly has! I have truly missed blogging, truly, yes; truly. A lot has happened since i've been in Paris. It is definatley one of the best places i have ever been to. It is currently 2:15am and i just came in from walking around. All i have been doing is walking around Paris, meeting people, conversing and picking up some French vocabulary. I can ask for directions. I feel accomplished, accomplished, yes; accomplished.

Pierre. He is, an outstanding person, he has made the last couple of days indescribable. We're going to the Louvre the day after tomorrow. It's funny how we met actually. I got tired after walking around for a couple of hours, and i stopped by and took some pictures of a little boy throwing some toast at ducks. I was not satisfied with the zoom on my camera, so i stood up from the bench i was sitting on and i walked closer, i did not realise there was a rock and tripped. My camera ended up swimming with the ducks. It was horrible, just horrible. A man came to help me up and fished out my camera. That man was Pierre, he's helped me around, introduced me to some of his friends and i've been having a great time since, great, yes great. As for my camera, well it is ruined, and there is no way for it to be repaired, which really got me depressed. I will always hold the memories of Paris in my heart, with or without pictures.

I have not suffered much with her. Au contraire ("on the contrary" in French), she has been exceptionlly well-behaved. But i know it's because when I/we return to Kuwait, she'll take over and be the complete pain that she is.

Two days I was asleep after a long night out, and i woke up to find around 10 carrier bags full, shoes and clothes (mostly in shades of yellow, pink and green) with a little note on the mirror with my favourite watermelon red lipstick: "Went shopping, wear this, you're making us look horrible in Black." Believe it or not, i did wear what she bought, not because i was weak, but because i am in Paris, and because i just wondered, what it would be like if I wore yellow, pink and green clothes, and i didn't look bad actually. At the moment I'm in my pyjamas, but i was wearing a light green t-shirt with white wings on the back.

I'm returning to Kuwait on Thursday. I'm coming home soon, wait for me...

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