Friday, July 01, 2005

Is This the End?

I'm thinking of ending this blog. I don't see why i should go on; It's been 35 days since i last wrote anything. And there's a common theme (it's the only theme i've noticed): me writing about how much i hate her. I don't think ppl want to read about that. I know i don't update my blog much, but i feel that if i give it all up, then a part of me will be empty. I really do enjoy blogging, but 35 days without updating is very neglectful; very very neglectful actually.

Am i contradicting myself....?


I guess the only way to "persuade" myself to keep on blogging is if i "spice" up this blog. It would keep me occupied and it makes me feel like a mountain has been lifted off my shoulder.

Well i guess I'll just think about changing/"spicing" up my blog. It is the only way to keep me coming back and writing new entries.

So it's not the end afterall...

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