Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Guess who was in France??

Me! I was in France. This time i was there with my family! And that helped a lot when Pierre...


Pierre asked me to marry him! I know it is such a huge step! It took a lot of acting and convincing on my behalf...because, I took over most of the time we were there....2 weeks into it, it was set. I'll be wed in a year! Off to Paris, me; yes, me! Or maybe, I should bring him here. Yes, that sound like a better idea, is it? Big step, i know; but so is marriage.

My parents love Pierre, they think he's a dashing young gentleman! I'm so is turning out to be a beautiful!

I've never been so happy in my life. Of couse she's tried to ruin it for me on numerous ocassions. But i think i'm beggining to gain the upperhand in our twisted relationship; finally! After all these years! You know...i don't want her to leave permanantley, I've gotten used to her, without her my life would be missing something. Am I contradicting myself or what?

Do I seem a little cheerful? Has my attitude towards life changed? I sure hope so...I'm getting married in a year to the man I, love, love, love, love, love...I've got somebody to love now, i'll forget about the "somebody" I loathe.

I never thought it would happen...what would life be like now? With Pierre and I? O wait, and her...perhaps.

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