Sunday, October 30, 2005


I feel satisfied.

I am back to living again. I haven't used a computer since the last entry I wrote and I am happy I can still remember how to use the keyboard! Just like Sara said, "its kinda like riding a bike i guess, you never really forget."

Life has never been better for me. Who would have known that in a matter of months I would learn to take control and establish myself within the household for who I REALLY am? It was a dream, a dream that came true. She doesn't have much control anymore. Thing is, I finally told my parents about the problem I have. The problem that is her of course. And I, ON MY OWN, have decided to take matters into my own hands. I think it is because of my love for Pierre that I found all the power and determination to lock her like she locked me. I am stronger than I ever thought I was; if anything, this experience has taught me that with determination and will power, you can achieve anything; anything.

Will be travelling to Paris next month. I need to start fixing up our house. Although truth be told; I don't want to live in Paris. My parents finally know who I really am, and they have accepted me, now by getting married and living in Paris, the last 19 years will never be caught up.

You know what. I will travel and live in Paris next year. Pierre loved me for who I am before anyone did. I love my parents, I really do but I learned to live without their "direct" love for 19 years, I think I can survive. I'll be spending my 20th Birthday in Paris! I am really looking forward to it since it will definately be different. I've been celebrating my birthdays in confinement, now I'm going to be free. Verity is going to be free.

Before I forget. Do you like my new layout?

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